One weekend in Niagara Falls, Canada

Over the summer, my friend and I decided to take a random road trip to Canada. We live in Michigan, so getting to Niagara Falls was about a 5ish hour drive. Neither of us wanted to take time off of work, so we headed up Friday afternoon and came back on Sunday. It was a jam-packed weekend, but was so much fun!

While we were there, we stayed at the Lundy Motel. For my review of the motel, click here.

My friend and I wanted to get the most out of our trip since we were only staying about a day and a half. We love cheesy tourist-trap type experiences, so we decided to go ziplining along the falls in the morning. It was fun, but not quite sure it was worth the money. My other ziplining experience was in Pigeon Forge, TN, and that set the bar pretty high. This zip was only one line and they only took about two pictures for you to purchase after the ride. But, it’s still kind of cool to be able to say I ziplined along the falls.

After our zipline experience, we walked up Clifton Hill, which is a street that is packed with restaurants, shopping, and lots of different touristy activities. We decided to stop at the Niagara Brewing Company, where I tried a flight of beer, which were all quite tasty. They do serve liquor there as well if you are a non-beer drinker or are traveling with someone who does not enjoy beer.

In the afternoon, we went on a whirlpool jet boat tour down the Niagara river. That was a blast! They took us up and down the river, crashing through the rapids as water cascaded over us. We were completely drenched at the end, but it was so much fun. Absolutely a must-do if you enjoy boating, water, learning about history, and taking in some beautiful scenery.

Later that evening, we headed back to Clifton Hill to grab some dinner and check out the strip. We were very happy to find that Uber is available in the area, which made things much easier for us. While we were walking down the strip, we decided to check out the Ripley’s Haunted House. It was surprisingly good! A bit hokey, and by no means the scariest haunted house we’ve been to, but we enjoyed ourselves.

After a few more drinks, we headed back to our hotel for the night and headed home the next day. It was a quick trip, but a very memorable one!

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